A Pitch f/x Online Summary (And a Bonus New Pitch f/x Tool)

This is almost exactly like a MySQL database with the 2007-2009 data that can be sorted in a whole sort of ways. Joe Lefkowitz’s pitch f/x tool is highly recommended for those who don’t have a MySQL database and are good at working with Excel data. I believe it is still a work in progress.

A quick run down of the online pitch f/x tool’s:

Brooks Baseball: The best for extensive visual charts of individual games recorded under pitch f/x from 2007-present, including the World Baseball Classic and the Arizona Fall League. Allows for an Excel data download. It update up to the minute so you can follow it in-game which is very neat.

Texas Leaguers:  Also a work in progress, it provides a few charts like called strikes, swings, and takes that can be sorted by pitch type, pitcher’s handedness, and even by date. It promises to be updated soon with the addition of 2007 and 2008 data, plus leaderboards, umpire data, spray charts, and pitch type correction.

Joe Lefkowitz’s: Basically a large Excel database that can be sorted in all sorts of ways prior to an Excel file download.

Fan Graphs: A simple pitch f/x tool that has the average velocity and movement for a pitcher’s pitch type. Plus a neat velocity chart over the past three seasons and a link to all the movement charts for each game.

Update: If you want to make your own pitch f/x database using MySQL, here is a couple of links that can help you with that (H/T vivaelpujols):

Mike Fast’s Method: A well done step by step plan on how to create a database using MySQL and Perl.

Mike Fast’s Method for a Mac: The same method except it has been  for those using a Mac. I recommonded reading both if you are interested in creating one, with the comments being very useful for quick toubleshooting of common errors.

Jeff Zimmerman’s SQL Dump: I am not too familiar with this method, but the files contains all the data from 2007-2009.

And finally, a list of those who provide extensive pitch f/x analysis:

The work of retired Josh Kalk- Hardball Times (HBT)

John Walsh- HBT

Dave Allen- Baseball Analysts (BA), Fan Graphs

Harry Pavlidis- Cubs f/x, Beyond The Boxscore (BTB), HBT

Jeremy Greenhouse- BA, HBT

Max Marchi- HBT

Alan Nathan- Physics of Baseball

Mike Fast- Fastballs, HBT

Joe Sheehan- BA

Dan Fox- BP

Dan Turkenkopf- BTB

Jonathan Hale

Jeff Zimmerman- BTB

Nick Steiner- BTB, HBT, Driveline Mechanics

Eric Seidman- Baseball Prospectus

Steve Sommer- St.Louis Sports Scene

I am missing anyone?

*cough* me